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Cajamarca Archaeological Program

       The Cajamarca Archaeological Program is a long term investigation of the prehistory of the northern Peruvian highlands, the home of the prehispanic Cajamarca Culture.

       The central questions the program seeks to address include: What was the nature of the development of the Cajamarca Tradition over the past ~3000 years? What was the nature of long distance contact and exchange in the region? Beginning with work at the site of Yanaorco in 2003, we began to address questions of community organization, ceramic production and exchange, and social difference. Currently, we are investigating the long-occupied site of Callacpuma, where we are addressing questions of the changing social, political, and ritual use of space over the span of the Cajamarca Tradition.

If you have questions, please contact the project directors: Dr. Melissa Murphy ( or Dr. Jason Toohey (